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Please read the following information thoroughly. 

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. We look forward to meeting you soon!



Please fill out the form to confirm your attendance at the retreat.

We ask that you bring your balance in CASH USD at the start of your retreat.

If you are uncomfortable bringing cash, you also have the option to pay your balance via credit card through the form below or you an send payments via Zelle - or Venmo -  @newliferetreat

Balance is PER PERSON:

5-DAY RETREAT - $1000

7-DAY RETREAT - $1500

Please fill out the form even if you are not submitting a payment and scroll down to find all the arrival information.

Image by Georgia de Lotz


CHECK-IN IS AT 3 PM.  Pickup from Liberia Airport (LIR) is provided at 1 pm on the start day of the retreat. If you can find a flight that arrives on that day before 12 pm you can just wait for the shuttle driver to arrive, however, we do encourage guests to arrive a day early and stay at a hotel or B&B and meet back at the airport for the shuttle pick-up the next day just in case you encounter any flight delays or travel disruptions. A shuttle driver will arrive at LIR with a sign that says 'New Life Retreat'. The shuttle can wait until 1:30pm for any delayed passengers, if you arrive any later than that we can help arrange transportation at your expense (approx. $160).

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: You must have a valid passport and a return flight. You can not enter Costa Rica on a one-way ticket. You must have proof of exiting the country within 180 days.

WHEN YOU GO THROUGH CUSTOMS: you will be asked to provide the following information:​

  • PURPOSE OF VISIT: Tourism - Yoga Retreat - Please do not mention ayahuasca at immigration. Ayahuasca is not illegal in Costa Rica, they have no regulations on it at this time, however, we prefer not to bring it to the officials' attention in hopes that they do not revise the status of the plant here.

  • ADDRESS: Angels Ecolodge 160, Paraíso, Guanacaste - This is the address where the retreat is hosted. The address for New Life Ayahuasca on maps is NOT accurate. If you are arriving in Costa Rica before the retreat begins please use the address of your hotel or B&B for customs. 


  • RETURN TICKET - Departing flight information, you can not enter Costa Rica on a one-way ticket.

Once you get through customs, collect your bags, go outside, and follow the signs for 'restaurant/cafe' (there is only one). That is the meeting point, and the shuttle will periodically check that area for our guests. He will have a sign that says 'New Life Retreat' so please keep an eye out for the sign. If you have any issues or he hasn't found you by around 1:15 please send us a message via email or WhatsApp and we will get in touch.

The taxi drivers and 'baggage handlers' at the airport can be very aggressive. Simply say 'no gracias' to anyone that tries to take your bags, tries to load them into the van or puts you into any taxi or shuttle that isn't ours.

If you will already be in Costa Rica and prefer to make your own arrangements you can arrive at the location for ANGELS ECOLODGE,  anytime after 3pm. (The location on Google for New Life Ayahuasca is NOT accurate) We do not arrive on site until 2 pm as we have to get all the groceries and supplies before the group arrives, so earlier check-in can not be accommodated. Please do not arrive earlier as you will not have access to the property.



Please pack appropriately and avoid bringing bags larger than carry-on size.


Costa Rica has 2 seasons: Temperatures are around 70 - 90 degrees year-round.

  • GREEN/WET SEASON (June - November) is also known as the rainy season. It's wonderful this time of year because everything is green and in bloom and even though it does rain every day we still usually get plenty of sun in the mornings. There are more bugs this time of year so be prepared with light, airy, long sleeves and pants and bug spray.

  • DRY SEASON (December - May) is great because it doesn’t rain at all for almost 5 months, meaning sunshine all day long, clear skies, and beautiful sunsets. The downside is that its very hot, most of the vegetation in the area dies and things get very brown. The sun is very strong, so bring sunscreen and a hat.


  • Bathing Suit

  • Sunscreen and sun hat (high UV index)

  • Bug Spray (we will also provide some)

  • Sandals

  • Closed-toed shoes for exploring

  • Headlamp with red light option

  • Personal Toiletries (soap, shampoo, and conditioner are provided)

  • Comfortable breathable clothes for the ceremony (preferably in a lighter color so it is easier for us to see you in the dark)

  • Rain Jacket (during the rainy season - umbrellas are provided)

  • Journal & pens

Laundry service is available at $10 per load (this is a policy of the retreat space we rent).

Colorful Fruits
lots of pineapple


Please avoid alcohol, recreational drugs, red meat, dairy, and spicy foods for 5-7 days before arrival.

Caffeine (yes, that includes coffee), salt, sugar, and spices are fine in moderation.

Please do not get confused by all the contradictory information online regarding the diet.  Just eat smart and healthy - whole foods, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid foods that are fried or processed. 


If you look online you will find many many different versions of diet requirements. Different traditions have different rules and if you try to follow them all you won't be able to eat anything! Just eat healthy and you'll be fine. To better understand the diet or if you have any questions, please reference our ayahuasca diet page.


You were asked to fill out a medical form to disclose any medications you may be taking.

If you did not provide all the information or if for any reason you start a new medication you need to notify us immediately. Mixing medications/other drugs and ayahuasca can be very dangerous. Almost every single death associated with ayahuasca was due to drug interactions so please, take this seriously.


 If you cancel more than 60 days from the retreat, then your deposit is eligible for a full refund minus processing fees. If you cancel between 30 – 60 days, the deposit is nonrefundable but can be transferred toward a future retreat within 1 year subject to availability. Your deposit will be forfeited if you cancel less than 30 days before the retreat's start date.


With any other questions, please reach out!

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